Yeyah x3!

Hello one and all^^! You haven't heard from me from a while, I know, and I apologize for that. *Sorry!* My internet kinda crapped itself and decided to go slow on me (still is). Yeah so, I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to load for ages so I kinda just gave up on it. Alright, well my week sucked, I totally stuffed up with sport (as usual), I mean, I picked up the ball, thinking it was knocked on and it turns out, it wasn't. So I was actually a part of the stupid game, so once I stood up I had like a tonne (I only saw one xD) of people standing around me and I was like "omfg". So I threw the ball to a friend, silly me didn't realize that she was walking off and pretty much knocked it on. And F.Y.I; if your reading this Mr Lindsey or w/e it is,  give people advice BEFORE they do the opposite. Kaythx, yeah so that kinda sucked. Oh; did I mention that we had tests? Science and math. Probably had English, I dunno, I'm getting my weeks mixed up but I'll write about it anyway! So the English test was horrible, my heading was "Something Smells Squarilly!" like, WTFOAS! (Dunno what that means? Oh well x3) Yeah and then the science test, I was practically SAYING "WTFOAS?!" and then in the math one.. Well, that was actually okay, I mean, I probably got a super low score but hey, I thought I did good x3! And today..

Yeah, my mum totally agreed with me when I told her, she was like "I know, but I didn't wanna look in case he wrote me down!" and I was like "you killed it." Oh yeah, we started to watch the Mozart movie^^. It's alright, but, Mozart is kinda weird x3. His laugh makes me "lol" xD.  Yeah, oh and I was referred as "the best player in our team" and "our secret weapon" yeah. Those nicknames were made out of pure sarcasm of course because I don't participate x3. Anyway, that's all for now :3. I hope to continue posting xD.

Congrats :D!

Hello one and all :D. I'd like to congratulate me for sticking on "LJ" for this long^^. It's probably not that big of an achievement to many of you, but I don't have what I call "stick-to-it-iveness". Nope, I just can't manage to stay on sites like these for that long D:. Anyway; today was alright. Science sucked, oh, and if your wondering, I suck at: science, math, history.. Well everything except for tech, lunch and recess :3. So yeah, as I was saying: science sucked, we had to do like 10000000000 questions to do with keys and stuff, which I absolutely suck at. And history wasn't very good either, we had to write so much, and I didn't even know what I was supposed to write o_o! Yeah and, like, english was probably the best subject we had today o_O. Because it was group work^-^. Though my friend kept on saying that I was "invading her life" and I was like, wtf xD? And she kept calling me scene *sigh*. Anyway, when we (my mum & I) were driving out of the shops, I saw a dude from my class. And he was like looking at me then he quickly looked away xD. And, like, I couldn't look to the sides because on one side the sun was like "BLEH >:D!" and on the other, it would hurt my neck xD. So I just looked at the front^^. I mean it didn't really matter anyway xD. And since my mum had to go to the doctors, we were like following him x3. So, now, I think I know what street he lives in xD? But I've already forgotton it o;. So yeah, I'll end today's post with that xD. Buh-bye :3.


It's my 2nd journal entry ever, I can't believe I've stuck with Livejournal for this long xD. So; today was one of my friends birthdays^^. But; I didn't go to school today so I couldn't wish her happy birthday 3:. But my Livejournal buddie gave me the goss xD. She said, that the birthday girl and 2 of our other friends got into a fight o;. So, my Livejournal buddie gave the two money so that they could buy her cupcakes for Cupcake Day :D. Plus; our class apparently had a sub for music, and went to the library to write 50 facts on Mozart then write an essay. Though I can't trust my Livejournal buddie 100% because she is a joker xD; but yeah. But my day was pretty good xD. I went on a bus two times, the first time I was standing up and I nearly fell over LOL xD. But the whole being on a bus thing reminds me of when I was going to Canberra for a school camp thingy. But; unfortunately, I'm going to school tomorrow so yeah xD.


Hello, hello x3. Welcome to my first ever totally super noobish journal entry ever^^. Since this is my first journal entry ever, I shall introduce myself: My name is Jodie and I live in Australia :D. My favourite shows are Naruto, Death Note, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Neds Declassified, Wizards of Waverly Place, etc x3. Uhm, I love kawaiiness, liek, alot<3^^. And I'm a gignatic fan of Asian things xD. Like L from Death Note, I'm a huge fan of sweets e.g: Oreos, Lollipops x3, pocky, Mars bars, Crunchies and Violet Crumbles. I absolutely hate High School Musical, Hairspray (movie), Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age, stealers, copiers, fakes, etc. So yeah x3. Thats it for now^^. 


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