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Yeyah x3!

Hello one and all^^! You haven't heard from me from a while, I know, and I apologize for that. *Sorry!* My internet kinda crapped itself and decided to go slow on me (still is). Yeah so, I couldn't be bothered to wait for it to load for ages so I kinda just gave up on it. Alright, well my week sucked, I totally stuffed up with sport (as usual), I mean, I picked up the ball, thinking it was knocked on and it turns out, it wasn't. So I was actually a part of the stupid game, so once I stood up I had like a tonne (I only saw one xD) of people standing around me and I was like "omfg". So I threw the ball to a friend, silly me didn't realize that she was walking off and pretty much knocked it on. And F.Y.I; if your reading this Mr Lindsey or w/e it is,  give people advice BEFORE they do the opposite. Kaythx, yeah so that kinda sucked. Oh; did I mention that we had tests? Science and math. Probably had English, I dunno, I'm getting my weeks mixed up but I'll write about it anyway! So the English test was horrible, my heading was "Something Smells Squarilly!" like, WTFOAS! (Dunno what that means? Oh well x3) Yeah and then the science test, I was practically SAYING "WTFOAS?!" and then in the math one.. Well, that was actually okay, I mean, I probably got a super low score but hey, I thought I did good x3! And today..

Yeah, my mum totally agreed with me when I told her, she was like "I know, but I didn't wanna look in case he wrote me down!" and I was like "you killed it." Oh yeah, we started to watch the Mozart movie^^. It's alright, but, Mozart is kinda weird x3. His laugh makes me "lol" xD.  Yeah, oh and I was referred as "the best player in our team" and "our secret weapon" yeah. Those nicknames were made out of pure sarcasm of course because I don't participate x3. Anyway, that's all for now :3. I hope to continue posting xD.
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