August 18th, 2009

Congrats :D!

Hello one and all :D. I'd like to congratulate me for sticking on "LJ" for this long^^. It's probably not that big of an achievement to many of you, but I don't have what I call "stick-to-it-iveness". Nope, I just can't manage to stay on sites like these for that long D:. Anyway; today was alright. Science sucked, oh, and if your wondering, I suck at: science, math, history.. Well everything except for tech, lunch and recess :3. So yeah, as I was saying: science sucked, we had to do like 10000000000 questions to do with keys and stuff, which I absolutely suck at. And history wasn't very good either, we had to write so much, and I didn't even know what I was supposed to write o_o! Yeah and, like, english was probably the best subject we had today o_O. Because it was group work^-^. Though my friend kept on saying that I was "invading her life" and I was like, wtf xD? And she kept calling me scene *sigh*. Anyway, when we (my mum & I) were driving out of the shops, I saw a dude from my class. And he was like looking at me then he quickly looked away xD. And, like, I couldn't look to the sides because on one side the sun was like "BLEH >:D!" and on the other, it would hurt my neck xD. So I just looked at the front^^. I mean it didn't really matter anyway xD. And since my mum had to go to the doctors, we were like following him x3. So, now, I think I know what street he lives in xD? But I've already forgotton it o;. So yeah, I'll end today's post with that xD. Buh-bye :3.