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It's my 2nd journal entry ever, I can't believe I've stuck with Livejournal for this long xD. So; today was one of my friends birthdays^^. But; I didn't go to school today so I couldn't wish her happy birthday 3:. But my Livejournal buddie gave me the goss xD. She said, that the birthday girl and 2 of our other friends got into a fight o;. So, my Livejournal buddie gave the two money so that they could buy her cupcakes for Cupcake Day :D. Plus; our class apparently had a sub for music, and went to the library to write 50 facts on Mozart then write an essay. Though I can't trust my Livejournal buddie 100% because she is a joker xD; but yeah. But my day was pretty good xD. I went on a bus two times, the first time I was standing up and I nearly fell over LOL xD. But the whole being on a bus thing reminds me of when I was going to Canberra for a school camp thingy. But; unfortunately, I'm going to school tomorrow so yeah xD.
Tags: birthday, dancefloor, green, murder, pink

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